Yellowstone volcano

Yellowstone Caldera

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What Would Happen If Yellowstone's Supervolcano Erupted?

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Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would cause 90k deaths and nuclear winter

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Yellowstone Caldera

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Fissure Opens Up Near Yellowstone, Causing Park Closures and Irresponsible Headlines

Yes. Within the past two million years, episodic volcanic eruptions have occurred in the Yellowstone area—three of them major. The Yellowstone Caldera is a volcanic caldera and supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park in the Western United States, sometimes referred to as the Yellowstone caldera and most of the park are located in the northwest corner of major features of the caldera measure about 34 by 45 miles (55 by 72 km).

Undoubtedly, the most famous thermal feature of Yellowstone National Park's Upper Geyser Basin is Old Faithful. Geyser Hill is located just across the Firehole River from Old Faithful and hosts dozens of other hot springs, geysers, and fumaroles. A supervolcano in the heart of America's northwest has the potential to blanket the US in a 'nuclear winter'.

If it were to erupt, the Yellowstone supervolcano would be one thousand times as. Although fears of a Yellowstone volcanic blast go viral every few years, there are better things to worry about than a catastrophic supereruption exploding from the bowels of Yellowstone National.

YVO's Mission The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory provides timely monitoring and hazard assessment of volcanic, hydrothermal, and earthquake activity in the Yellowstone Plateau region.

Yellowstone volcano
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Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would cause 90k deaths and nuclear winter | Daily Mail Online