Write ahead logging sqlite android code

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SQLite, VACUUM, and auto_vacuum

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Basic Operation. When the application makes changes to data that it wishes to keep backed up, it should call the modellervefiyatlar.comanged() method. This notifies the Android Backup Manager that the application needs an opportunity to update its backup image. A 3-element array, containing language (ISO 3-letter code), country (ISO 3-letter code) and variant used by the engine.

The country and variant may be "". If country is empty, then variant must be empty too. New applications should also investigate write-ahead logging.

If you’re using journaling or specialized locking modes, it’s also worth reading the documentation on the journal_size_limit PRAGMA and how VACUUM affects the rollback file. Support version of onPrepareNavigateUpTaskStack(modellervefiyatlar.comackBuilder).

This method will be called on all platform versions. This method will be called on all platform versions. Prepare the synthetic task stack that will be generated during Up navigation from a different task. In Sqlite3, Write-Ahead-Logging mode allows one process to read a table, while another is writing to it.

It doesn't say anything about one process writing and another deleting/updating. How to implement Write-Ahead Logging of SQLite in java program I want to use the Write-Ahead Logging feature of SQLite in a j2se program.


Please help me with a java implemention example. Solutions You need to execute a Sqlite specific command (just like you'd execute other SQL queries).

Write ahead logging sqlite android code
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