Research progress in paper industry and biorefinery

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Biorefinery concepts in the paper industry

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Metso establishes future pulp mill biorefinery concept with Stora Enso and Domtar

Wood terror and anatomical limits in suppressed-growth trees:. Despite enormous progress in this domaine over the last 20 years, there are numerous areas still representing opportunities for improvement.

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Forest Biorefinery, in addition to having advantages in mill’s products diversification, could also allow improving energy management. 1. Demonstrate maximum economic, social and environmental benefits from the bioconversion of forest biomass 2.

Recognized for scientific leadership in the biochemical conversion of lignocellulose to fuels, chemicals, nutraceuticals and other. Japan-based biotechnology company euglena (earlier post) has completed the construction of its demonstration-scale biorefinery in Yokohama for the production of renewable jet and diesel fuels from algae and waste oil.

This industry is making real progress to bring economical and sustainable advanced biofuels and bio-based chemicals to market.

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An on-point case study outlining a successful installation at Seneca Sustainable Energy in Eugene, Oregon. Research Progress in Paper Industry and Biorefinery, - 4th ISETPP. Guangzhou, China, 8 - 10 Nov.

The Concept of Biorefinery

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Research progress in paper industry and biorefinery
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