Persuasive writing webquest

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Persuasive Writing Worksheets. Sort by This writing worksheet will help students practice writing a persuasive letter and gives them the opportunity to draw and write supporting details.


Step One/ Day One: Learning About Persuasion

Reading & Writing. Worksheet. Thanksgiving Creative Writing Prompt.

Persuasive Writing and Language Skills

Worksheet. Because this activity was designed as a culminating assignment, students should already have a knowledge of research and persuasive writing techniques, including developing a strong thesis, writing supporting arguments, and addressing counterclaims.

The following websites will guide your research on how to go about formulating your arguments and supporting them with persuasive pizzazz!

When researching your topic, be sure to gather information from reputable sources.

8 Persuasive Writing Samples

Do NOT use Wikipedia or as reliable sources. In this WebQuest, you will undertake to establish a position on a topic of your choice and defend your viewpoint in a logical and progressive fashion. This involves both research and compilation of accurate information to defend your position in addition to employing the persuasive appeals of: Ethos: the appeal to ethics or authority.

People have standards regarding what is fair and just. Browse persuasive writing resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources.

Persuasive Writing Webquest This webquest is a fun way to introduce or review persuasive writing with your students while incorporating technology! The webquest guides students through an essay, advertising tricks, and a video clip that gives them 7 tips for creating persuasive arguments.

Persuasive writing webquest
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Persuasive Writing and Presenting